We are often asked why should someone use a recruiter to help them find a new job? Here are several reasons why:
  • A respected recruiter has contacts within his client software company that will make sure the right people see you on a timely basis. Companies receive hundreds of unsolicited resumes. If you were to submit your resume on your own, without a recruiter representing you, you may never get the interview you deserve. It can turn out to be a "black hole" for your resume and a very uncomfortable position for yourself.

  • A respected recruiter will take the time to understand your background and capabilities so that he/she can market you to their clients in the best, possible manner.

  • A respected recruiter can make sure that corporate client’s follow-up in a timely manner. With all the competing priorities within a growing company, follow up is often forgotten even though filling the position is important to them. SSR does all the legwork.

  • Respected recruiters do not charge the candidate for their services. The corporate client pays the recruiter’s fees. You should never pay for placement services!

  • A respected recruiter is also part analyst and career councilor. The recruiter should be well informed with regards to the newest technology markets and technology trends. They should work to understand what YOU really want to do, and discuss options that provide the best fit with background, life style and career aspirations.

  • To do it right, finding a new job is a full time job in itself. Most people have very busy schedules as it is and do not take the time to look for a new job adequately A recruiter can greatly assist in streamlining this process by maximizing your career opportunities. A respected recruiter has between 20-40 companies they represent. They can place you into more companies in a shorter time span and have you on an interview in a matter of days.

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