Selection Strategies provides full-service retained recruiting services to a select group of companies. This is a true, turnkey service that incorporates all of the components of our unique, competency-based selection methodology, and delivers them just as an in-house recruiter would. This lets you begin to implement our methodology while simultaneously using our recruiting expertise to build your organization.


Selection Strategies’ family of services are interrelated and mutually supporting. These services can be provided individually based on need, but were designed as an integrated toolkit; a life-cycle management system that aligns recruiting with sales and addresses every step of a successful hiring practice: Planning - Prospecting - Qualifying - Evaluating - Closing - Coaching. Each phase of this methodology addresses a critical step in finding, assessing, hiring and retaining your key people.


When conducting recruiting engagements, we function as an extension of your staff and act as a member of your organization; we become an integral part of building your team and work closely with executives, hiring managers, other recruiters and human resources professionals. We do not function as "headhunters," simply filling your open headcount. As your recruiter, we take a long-term view that includes how well your new hires perform. And we provide post-hire guidance to make sure you get their highest level of performance.


Blue Knot, the Jewish Tech Initiative, is a new organization focused on professional development. With relevant speakers, networking opportunities, and information about emerging trends, Blue Knot exists to address the specific needs of high-technology professionals.

The name "Blue Knot" stands for connections, a series of links to meaningful content and a community of individuals who share the same interests. From national events, like Comdex and CES, to local community programming, this initiative creates an invaluable roundtable for ideas that matter. Most recently, Blue Knot held a networking reception at UJC's Western Young Leadership Conference in San Francisco.

Dynamic Value Advisors is a consulting and training organization specializing in capturing value for clients using profitable approaches to pricing and marketing strategy through a process called The Value Discipline. By working as advisors, using a process of understanding, analysis, strategy development, and program implementation, our clients gain sustainable improvement in profit, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Members of our team have worked extensively with the following companies, helping them to dramatically improve their go-to-market strategy, pricing and profitability: RR Donnelly, Harris Corp, Engelhard Chemical, Agere, First Data, Deluxe, Experian, International Truck and Engine, Corning Incorporated, Lawson Software, International Paper.


SellMasters™ is the premier solution to the challenge of training sales professionals to consistently achieve and sustain performance levels previously beyond their reach.

Our dynamic, action-oriented programs have helped over 1000 sales people consistently achieve unprecedented levels of personal and professional success, establishing SellMasters as a leader in sales performance acceleration for Corporations and Individuals.

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