As an employer we understand what you want in a recruiting agency, and we work with each of our clients to ensure that we are always giving you the best service possible.

Why Use a Recruiter in the First Place?
First, let’s expand on the notion of using recruiters. The job of a recruiter is to enable a company to quickly hire the right people through efficient means, not create a headache. Yes, as a company you can spend $20k-$30k on a "Help Wanted " ad in the local Sunday newspaper. But is that an efficient use of companies’ time and money? On average the amount of "good " resumes that come from an ad are close to 1-2%…and who wants to spend the time and money to go through 1000’s of resumes to find the "right" ones?


Recruiters Turned to Slime..
The job of a recruiter is to supply candidates that are pre-qualified and meet your exact company’s employment profiles…right????? Today’s facts are that many recruiters have no idea of what their clients do, nor do they care. The client is one of many with a group of positions to fill. Many recruiters will not spend the time nor have the experience to understand your technology, industry or requirements of the position. How could this kind of recruiter possible interest the best candidates available in your company?

So,…..What happened?
Along with the growth of the technology sector came a rise in job openings. Just like any other growth industry, recruiting started to become an occupation with to few qualified professionals. The larger companies got bigger by hiring inexperienced recruiters who were only out to make a fast buck by submitting as many resumes as possible (resume flooding) that may have one or two relevant industry buzz words.

SSR was started to break the mold of the inexperienced recruiting "shark"
It is our job to make your life easier and more productive. In today’s competitive environment, software companies are seeking people who have an understanding of both the business as well as technology. In addition, there is intense competition to find top talent before your competitor does.

Here's what we do…

  • Conduct interviews with all relevant hiring managers to get a thorough understanding of all candidate profiles, product and company positioning. We require all our clients to spend the time to help us understand these important topics. We can't sell your company in such a competitive environment without understanding the fundamentals of who you are (the company's value proposition) and why a candidate should be interested in working for your company.

  • Thorough Candidate Screening - This is where many recruiters falter. SSR will provide your company with candidates that meet your exact requirements. Because SSR has such a vast network of industry contacts, we are able to conduct "backdoor" references on our own to determine the professionalism and integrity of each one of the candidates we represent. In many cases we have worked with or know others that have worked with the candidates.

  • Independent Research - SSR uses many of the best software industry research tools available including Web, CD ROM, industry periodicals and other subscription databases to gain as much information on our clients and their competitive industry standings. We know that the software markets change everyday. Mergers, changing strategies, industry hype, new product introductions you name it. SSR has to not only keep up with the technology in all the different software categories but constantly re-evaluate all its clients to make sure they represent the high standards and principles of it's founders. In addition, we make all reference material available to the candidate, to prepare them for the interview.

  • Pledge of Quality - SSR will not send our clients a blizzard of resumes to sift through. We will provide only a few, well-qualified resumes for each position. We will not cut any corners with our process. SSR will only provide a resume after the candidates has given permission to be submitted and have enough knowledge on the perspective client's product set and market. Our candidates have an interview rate of close to 90%. One out of five of our candidates are hired! Amazing numbers only because we spend time to understand both the candidates and clients and not waste your time.

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