The Product Works"
You are placed as the next contestant in "The Product Works" game show where your mission is to sell vaporware or a product that doesn't work at all.

"This is a Re-start that Can't Miss" The "revolving door" where you are asked to bring an ailing company back to health again, even though most of the 300+ former employees tried with no luck because the technology died with the monochrome monitors.

"The company is in a growth mode and does not intend to turn a profit in the short term."
This may be true, and many companies need to ramp up quickly to capture market share that will eventually lead to profitability. On the other hand, you need to make sure that they have enough capital reserve to survive the "growth mode" and turn profitable.

"You're the one for the job Mr. (fill in the blank)...walked through your resume and doesn't even know who you are."

How can a recruiter say that you are the one for the job when they haven't even walked through your resume?
"Can I Have Your Resume for my files? When something comes up, I'll call you."
Always maintain control of your resume! Send a resume to a recruiter with explicit instructions to submit your information ONLY when you have discussed the specific opportunity at length. Make sure they ask your permission to send it to the clients you have chosen. Keep records of all submissions as well.

"I'd like to Submit Your Resume, but I can't tell you the Name of the Company, Yet"
If the recruiter can't tell you the name of the company, how do you know you'd be interested in what they have to offer? You as the candidate should take charge of your career and only work with respected recruiters who can honestly and openly discuss all opportunities with you.

Remember that you are in control of your career and your resume, not the recruiter. Ask as many questions as you can and don't be afraid to do your own research on any company you interview with. There are so many misrepresentations in the software industry, YOU need to become the educated consumer and not base your decisions on what ANY company tells you.

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