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Ellia Kassoff

Newport Beach, CA






I am seeking an outside sales position that leverages my strong background of 11 years in information technology sales of enterprise products and outsourcing, with my long standing relationships with executive leaders in the High Tech, and Financial industries in the Southeast that allows me to contribute to accelerating sales cycles and enhancing business profitability.




February 1999 – Current                     ABC Company

·        Client Sales Executive.  Executive sales position within ABC’ Operations Solutions business unit.   Directly selling into CxO level prospects and clients within mid-tier organizations ABC’ business process outsourcing, application implementation/outsourcing and ‘Best Shore’ resource staffing models.  Close contact and interaction with key senior executives within prospect organization and ABC in order to identify and articulate business drivers and needs that would facilitate outsourcing non-core business functions. Executive presentation skills, dress, communication and follow through with constituents in developing and creating programs to enhance communication and satisfaction with ABC’ service lines has been rewarded with solid pipeline development and substantial new account activity.  Executive Member of the ‘2000 Inner Circle Award’, and nominated for ABC ‘Rookie of the Year, 2000’ for my strong prospecting, negotiating and closing skills.  Current industry focus covers healthcare, hi-tech manufacturing, and finance with an emphasis on inbound and outbound facilities.  Credited with maintaining strong partner relationships with hardware OEMs, software developers and third party boutique consultancies in order to ensure all aspects of an opportunity are covered via ABC, channel partners and all available incented license campaigns are leveraged to close business quickly.  P&L responsibility for sales pursuits and local marketing activities with both ABC Global Industry Practices and third party resources.

·        Business Development Manager (Systemworks), Leadership position within the BD team with 18 direct reports, personally reporting to the regional VP of Sales.  Responsibilities included financial modeling, deal structuring, solutioneering, compensation modeling, pursuit management, team leadership. 


December 1997 – 1999          Complex Software. – Sunnyvale, California – Director of Research, Business Innovation Team.  P&L budget responsibility for the development of a dynamic, quantitative modeling tool to measure in real-time the ‘cost of process’ within the Complex software application suite on the Microsoft NT Platform using MS C++ and SQL.  Complex, international project management, development and test were all aspects of the position, including extensive travel throughout North America, Europe and Asia.  Conflict management and resolution, along with cultural sensitivity were daily aspects of the position, demanding constant interaction and open communication within the constituents.  Rewarded by fielding DQM 6 months ahead of schedule and $1.3m under budget.


December 1995 – 1997          Really Big Company – Fremont, California – Sr. Sales Executive, BigSuite.  Senior Field Sales Engineer for the IA BigSuite OLAP Data Warehouse with a focus on supporting customers and prospects in the enterprise market in the Southwest US.  Strong project management, time management, client presentation, objection management and problem resolution skills aided in driving a 130% first year, and 161% second year as a member of the most successful sales team in the company.


December 1993 – 1995          Elaborate Technology – Palo Alto, California – Systems Engineer, ElaborateQuery Enterprise. Sales Engineer in a highly technical roll.  Position demanded detailed market analysis, using sophisticated statistical modeling tools and the interpretation of trending analysis to anticipate sales trends and customer buying behaviors.  Technical knowledge of the MS SQL Platform, VB and Java.  Presentation skills, technical trouble shooting, project management, follow through and strong communication skills contributed in our teams 123% year-end attainment of license revenue.


June 1992 – 1993                   One Great Company – Inside Sales,.  Inside Sales position; high degree of phone based cold calling, follow up and closing.  Achieved ‘Salesman of the Month’ on 3 separate occasions.



1992                                        BA in US History: University of Panama, Panama City

Member in good standing of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Academic Honors Society


~ References Available Upon Request ~

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Joe Smith

455 Detailed Lane

Full of Myself, CA 92657

(949) 221-2345



Summary of Qualifications

Over 25 years of Business and Technology experience in Banking, Manufacturing, Health, Retail, Government, Utility, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Genomic, and Heavy Industries. Project Management in Business IT and Plant Automation (<$1MM to $160MM); Enterprise Architecture (ERP, x-engineering, KM, SI, CRM, BI, Datamining, Process Automation); Project Recovery (Datawarehouse, Government System, BI, CRM, Automation); System Troubleshooting (Mr. Fix-it in complex issues); International Marketing (Contacts in trade and government); Engineering (Computer, Chemical, Electrical & Mechanical); Complexity Management (non-linear system dynamics); - to provide innovative solutions for increased agility, profitability, revenue and stakeholder value. CEO cockpit for SEC compliance.




Activity Based Management

Alternate Scenario Futuring

Analytic Forecasting

Balanced Scorecard

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Process Review

Campaign Management

Change Management

Customer Relationship Management

Digital Cockpit

Enterprise Performance Management

EPM – Benchmarking


Expert System

Forecasting & Supply Chain

Geographic Information System

Intellectual Capital Management

International Marketing

Knowledge Management

Language Services

Medical Transcription

Responsibility Center Management

Service Outsourcing

Tech Review for Venture Funding


Knowledge Management - One of the underlying themes of knowledge management is the savings in cost to the organization. When assessing the impact of time spent on searching for the solution to a problem the cost of time doubles: 1) loss of time in locating the right information, 2) loss of time away from analysis on the information sought. As information continues to play a broader role in organizations so too does the need to manage that information (- Bettermanagement.com). Knowledge Management is a framework within which the organization utilizes its resources and processes to anticipate future opportunities, changes and threats; to continuously renew itself for sustenance and survival.


Change Management - An industry’s economic features, competitive structure or product offering say very little about the ways in which its environment may be changing. All industries are characterized by trends and new developments that gradually or speedily produce changes important enough to require strategic response from participating firms. The most common driving forces are internet/e-commerce, globalization, and improvements in technology. It is a highly complex environment where simple solutions produce minimal results. Theory of Constraints methodology is used along with self-developed Complexity Management model (non-linear system dynamics) to effect desired change.


Strategic Visioning - Strategic visioning begins with the development of a vision for the organization and identifying the desired states of that organization. It then proceeds to developing strategies to achieve those desired states and goes on to scanning the environment to discover what things will hinder or help achieve of those strategies. The strategic visioning process pays equal attention to implementation planning, which involves identifying tactics for each of the strategies, developing objectives that are then owned by someone, knowing what resources are needed and securing them, and putting a tracking system in place to measure progress.


Adaptive Demand Forecasting - ADF uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms, datamining and
affinity analysis to do retail storefront and distribution center product demand management. The benefits are: 1. Most retail companies can improve inventory turns by 30% to 50% (or higher), optimize inventory levels thus freeing up working capital to expand to more stores and add new products. Companies who have razor thin
margins such as grocery stores do get more benefit. 2. By managing promotional forecasting, seasonal profiling and slow moving items on a timely basis, one can increase sales and maximize profit while being rapid reactive to market changes. 3. The adaptive demand forecasting can be linked to the supply chain management to improve overall efficiency and productivity of the company. 4. Due to on the fly datamining, promotions and campaign management can be integrated to execute profitable promotions. 5. Improve customer satisfaction levels and replenish inventory faster with less human labor. Bottom Line: Higher profit, Increase sales, Customer satisfaction.


Relevant Experience

Big Head Corporation – VP/ Director (1995 – Present); Subcontract, staff augmentation and interim assignments as follows:


Retail Banking: This company is the second largest home mortgage provider. The objective is to reduce Cost to Service by 30% and design scalability to 400% using innovative methodology. Business Merger (JPMorgan+Chase), Business Process Improvement, Enterprise Performance Management, Non-Linear System Dynamics, COBOL, VSAM, CC

Information TechnologyAtos Origin, (Sales: $1.8B, Growth: 9.7%) Worked as an Enterprise Architect for several projects including Broadband, Consumer goods, Manufacturing and heavy industries. Assisted in the internal architecture and design of a Peoplesoft 8.0 EPM project.  Business Merger (Cincinnati Bell+ Broadwing), Business Framework, Analytic Forecasts, Key Performance Indicators, Scorecard, Financial Analytics, Hierarchical relationships, Strategic Components, KPI basis, Datamining, OLAP modeling, Cubes, Data Modeling, Informatica Power Center, Trillium data cleansing, Informatica Analytics.

Broadband Company: This company is in broadband content delivery service using sophisticated algorithms, developed by MIT scientists (Sales: $90M, Growth: 2145%).Company employs more than 50 PhDs in Computer Technology and has more than 8000 servers in 50 countries. A Business Intelligence Architecture is being designed to support the Executive Information System needs. Siebel, Oracle Financial and HR, Broadbase – EPM (Now KANA), Brio and special applications, Web Log Analysis and Data Mining. Application testing.

Bio-Informatics: This company is the premier in Genomic Sequence Analysis and Annotation using Parallel Inference Machines and Paracel technology. The challenge is after collecting terabytes of data, an architecture must be developed to mine those data for useful information in an easily digestible form. (A needle in a haystack issue). An architecture is being designed to solve such problems. Oracle, Paracel, SGI, EMC SANs, Alpha, Compaq, MPP servers, Hyperion, ETI

Bio-Informatics: This division of a very large company, manufacturers Health Care products that include gastrointestinal, oral care, pharmaceuticals and respiratory care. The project included review of present Information Management activities and design of a high performance Data Repository in Genomic Sequence Analysis and Annotation, Research Information Management. Oracle, Applications

Broadband/ e-Commerce Company – This company is growing so fast, it is difficult to keep track of the activities. They have the latest hardware and software to run the business. But no understanding of the business data. A heavy duty DW/DSS is being designed to maintain their growth and profitability. The company is engaged in voice/video/data conference, Hosting, and all IP service. Vitria – RosettaNet, Oracle – Financial/ HR/ WMS, Infranet – Portal, Broadbase – EPM, Sibel – CRM, Visionael, Ganymede – Chariot, Crystal Reports, Sagent, Application testing. Microstrategy

Broadband/Telecomm: This company produces optical fiber and cable, optical hardware and equipment, photonic modules and optical networking devices for the telecommunications industry. The project included review of the present IT infrastructure and recommendation of a new design.  Oracle

Aerospace: This company manufactures large commercial and military aircrafts. The project included a review of the intellectual properties and analysis/recommendation of a specific technology related to expert system based supply chain management.

Banking - Did troubleshooting on a DSS project for a major bank (FANB) at Nashville, merged with AmSouth (Sales: $3.7B, Growth: 1.1%). The DSS effort is to enable marketing and sales to increase market effectiveness by $22 million through altering unprofitable customer behaviors, value propositions, CD repricing, reduction of waivers or refunds, new products, loan repricing, retaining profitable customers and distribution channel effectiveness. Profitability by household, by account, by branch, by segment, by decile, by NIACC, Teller activity etc. MPP-NCR 5100, Teradata, Info-reports, Brio, ETL - Informatica, and Erwin ERD. Infobeacon, constraint analysis.

Information TechnologyBlah Blah, now a division of Computer Sciences Corp (Sales: $10.5B, Growth: 12.5%) As an Interim director of Business Intelligence, aligned with software vendors, trained sales persons and IT workers, developed marketing strategy and produced proposals. Clients included FedEx, State Of Alabama, Cracker Barrel. Business Change Management (TOC), Training. SAP – ERP, Peoplesoft ERP, HR, Advanced Datamining, Datawarehouse (ETL – Acta, Broadbase, Informatica, DTS), COBOL, VSAM, Microstrategy, (Datamining -SGI-Mineset, Broadbase) IBM- MPP, Metadata – Platinum, Informix

Financial - Worked on a data modeling/warehouse and DSS architecture project using MS SQL server, NT, Data Junction and Access tools for a San Francisco-based financial and leasing corporation. Client had information needs in container shipping, leasing, inventory management, repair management, fund management, revenue and forecasting, insurance, repositioning to increase profit and reduce guess-work in marketing. DSS is marketing, financial and operations driven. Delivered warehouse model in ERwin in six weeks. Platinum – RiskAdvisor, Bpwin, Informix

Telecommunications - Completed data warehouse architecture for a major cellular company. Consolidated several databases into a single, user-friendly data warehouse designed to support one-to-one customer relationship management, a reduced churn rate, and improved profitability.  Developed the logical and physical data model, performed a business requirements analysis, reviewed business performance improvement and rules. Performed a system infrastructure, constraint and gap analysis. Company bought several smaller operators. Merger/Acquisitions, Informix- Redbrick, Erwin, Business Objects, Cognos, SUN

Manufacturing - Consulted in finance and strategic business information systems. Responsible for the identification, conceptual design and implementation of IS projects from complex multiple legacy systems to simple user friendly open enterprise ERP system using business process reengineering. Developed project plan on three projects:  inventory management systems, lot tracking and traceability, and purchase requisition. Involved in the analysis and replacement of Trans4m - a SAP like ERP package. Troubleshooting Oracle PBS module. Unidata (MDDS), Company merger, Supply chain constraint analysis (TOC) and change management.

Telecommunications – Designed architecture of an enterprise management and statistical analysis system for a premier broadband company that provides integrated data hosting and distribution solutions to companies such as Yahoo!, Motley Fool, USAToday, eToys, and Netscape with an internet backbone of 10 Gbps (OC-192). 18,000 interfaces, 5 terabytes data, 400% growth projection. Oracle database and data compression applications. Real-time data processing. Click-stream database.

State Government – Functioned as a systems analyst and architect for a $28 million custom application that had gone sour for a state government; mainframe (HDS25), IDMS to DB2, Telon/COBOL, Datawarehouse, Report analytics, Constraint analysis.

Retail - Performed business analysis, systems architecture and data modeling for a retail and restaurant chain (Sales: $1.8B, Growth: 16%) to help it reverse declining sales growth (-6% declared) to a gain of 16%.   Analysis and support in the areas of media, the merchandising of new products, promotions, menu development, inventory, and frequent buyers. Cognos, Oracle, Informatica Powermart, Business Analysis, Marketing Analysis, Constraint analysis,  Human Resource Analysis, SPSS, SAS, Datamining.

Electronic Distributor – Present Sales at $350 M. After an executive level assessment it was revealed that the company can grow at 50%, reduce inventory by 30%, improve inventory turn-over and provide value over the internet and save over $12 M. The findings were presented to the executive committee to move forward on several projects including Cultural Change Management and Business Process Engineering. Datamining, Data Analysis, Peoplesoft ERP/HR, Custom EPM (Business framework, analytic forecasts, performance ledger, strategic analysis, activity based costing, future impacts), Constraint identification and change management.

Brokerage Firm – private Company doing business the old fashioned way. After an executive level assessment it was revealed that the company can improve its profitability and keep the brokers happy by implementing several projects. The company plans to do a Decision Support System first before venturing into any new territory. Goal: revenue from $300 MM to $500 MM. Profitability goal from 12% to 20%. Assets per advisor from $30 MM to $80 MM. Custom EPM/ SEM, Merger/ Acquisition, Cultural Change Management (TOC, and who moved my cheese).

Healthcare – ABC, Inc. (Sales: $17B) operates nearly 200 hospitals and 80 surgery centers in US, UK, and Switzerland. Provided business process model and gathered information for compliance reporting to Justice Department for the lawsuits, investigations, and fraud charges on over billing. Merger/ Acquisition, Business Process audit.


Big Cheese & Bacon – Principal Consultant, Project Manager (9/90 – 8/95)

Oil Company – Chevron Corp, the #3 US integrated oil company (Sales: $46.5B, Growth: 47%) Provided Process Automation Architecture, Real-time GUI based management information system Opto-22, Wonderware, Data Repository, Advanced Management Reporting, Training.

Mining Industry – Kennecott Utah Copper, (Sales: $804M, Growth: 12%) a subsidiary of mining giant Rio Tinto, operates world’s largest open pit copper mines. Provided Process Automation Architecture and design for a Water, Waste Water facility. Project Management, Chemical & Mechanical Engineering, PLC Programming.

Oil Refinery – Worked with Flying J Corp. (Sales: $4.4B, Growth: 108%) to understand their vision that resulted in a strategy to enhance company performance. Designed and implemented a series of projects to enhance operation process that resulted in a substantial improvement in quality and productivity. This effort saved the company $2 million/ year, enabling it to become a low-cost producer, and preventing the plant’s shutdown. Flying J, a success story of the 1990s, is on track to generate sales of $4 billion this year -- a tenfold increase from its sales of $400 million in 1990. Digital Cockpit.


Boring International – Chemical Engineer, Project Manager (1987 – 1990)

Chemical Industry – Design of automation system and chemical process for a titanium dioxide plant for JFW in Peoples Republic of China.


Space International – Project Manager (1986 – 1987)

Rocket Science – Process engineering in advanced solid rocket motor (Hercules, NASA), Systems Architect and Design. Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Expert Systems


Techie Corporation – Chief Operating Officer (1986 – 1990)

Audio Technology – Research in high-end digital audio technology for natural hearing-aid and music recording. Business Plan, P&L, Investment, Marketing.


Mytech Data Systems – VP, International Operations (11/84 – 11/85)

International Marketing – Setup distributors in seven countries for a fault-proof industrial computer system.


Slow Controls System – International Marketing Manager, Director (3/83 – 11/84)

Steel Industry – Shougang Corp, one of China’s oldest state owned company (Sales: $5.5B, Growth: 25%) Provided Process Automation Architecture resulting in 400% efficiency improvement. Provided management consulting to improve operational efficiency. Mainframe, Infi-90, PBX, Data Repository, Sales Management System, Training and Seminars, Energy Management, Expert System, DEC – VAX.

Marketing – This company at the time provided automation technology products and services to manufacturing and production processes and is now a division of ABB (Sales: $23B, Growth: 7%). Opened the China market, designed and solved numerous complex business issues by providing excellent customer service. Business Analysis, Cultural Change Management, Infi-90, Data Repository, Advanced Process Control


Wellhoney Inc – Principal Consultant (3/80 – 2/83)

Process Automation – Extensive experience (>15 yrs) in the design and integration of real-time process automation systems in chemical, petrochemical, steel, metal, waste management, refinery and manufacturing industries. ABB, AB, Digitronics, Gensym, Intermec, GE-Fanuc, Siemens, Elsag-Bailey, Honeywell, L&N (Max), Fisher-Rosemount, Foxboro, Intellution, IBM, J-Y, Opto22, Wonderware, USData, Paragon, Cyrano, Gello, Taylor, Compaq, SAMA, Boolean logic, Flow Chart, Ladder logic, Multi-axis Motion Control, Inference engine, Fuzzy logic, Neural Net (Q-Net), GUI, Optoconnect, RTOS, Datawarehouse

Electronic Manufacturer – Automation segment of Honeywell International (Sales: $25B, Growth: 5.4%) Provided Process Automation Architecture, Sales and Marketing of products to large multinational corporations. mainframe, TDC –2000/3000, Advanced Process Control, Marketing, Training.



Big Deal Industries – Systems Engineer, Project Manager (4/77 – 2/80)

Metal Industry – NL Industries, a leading supplier of titanium dioxide pigments (Sales: $922M, Growth: 1.5%) had a Magnesium production facility in Utah for which I provided Process Automation Architecture, Process troubleshooting, business management. Strategic Problem Solving, Project Management, Constraint management, Change management, Engineering Design and Construction, Training.



Ego Corp – Project Engineer (1975 – 1977)

Gas Company – Southern Union Corp produces and distributes gas to 1.4 million customers in US (Sales: $2B, Growth: 132%) Provided Process Automation Architecture and design to the gas production facilities. Project Management, Problem Solving, Change Management, Engineering Design and Construction, Training.

Exxeon Corp – Plant Engineer (1973 – 1975)

Oil Company – Exxeon Corp, world’s largest integrated oil company (Sales: $228B, Growth: 42%) Provided Process Automation Architecture, Process troubleshooting, business management Strategic Problem Solving, Change Management, Project Management, Engineering Design and Construction, Training.



·        BS in Electrical Engineering. Courses in: Chemical, Mechanical, Economics, Strategic Management, Psychology, Logic, and Business Communications. Graduate courses in: Nuclear, Computers, Control Systems, Decision theory (La Tech University – Ruston, LA). Paper: NPRA Computer Conference, 1994. Numerous job related seminars. Self-Study: Statistics, Balanced Scorecard, BPR, Change Management, and Knowledge Management. Developed unique methodology to enhance profitability, revenue and shareholder value using Business and Competitive Intelligence.

·        College project: Propeller-less submarine propulsion

·        Training: Project Management (1994, Primavera ); Project Management Office - PMO (1998, Huntsville)

·        Software Development Methodology - Nichols Research (1998); ISO - 9000 (1993); ISO - 9001 (1996); TQM - (1992, Boston Consulting Group); QA/QC - (1983, Honeywell); Change Management - (1995, Axiom)

·        Self-Study, Implementation: Standards: Unified Modeling Language (UML); Microsoft Solution Framework (MCSD - Architecture); Project Management Mentoring Program (PMMP); Software Development MIL-STD-498 (1994); Strategic Information Management (SIM) (1994, GAO); System Assessment Framework (1996, GAO); BPR Assessment Guide (1997, v.3, GAO); Goal, Question, Metric (GQM)(Basili); ISO SPICE (Software Process Improvement & Capability dEtermination); Process Change Management (PCM, CMM level5); SEI - CMM v.1.1; Systems Security Engineering - CMM v.2.0 (1999); Juran Trilogy (1990 Juran Inst); Intergroup Coordination (same as CMM level 4, implemented 1996 at Autoliv); Trillium (Bell Canada v.3.0 1994); Kaizen; Theory of Constraints and Cultural Change Management (Goldratt institute)


TOC thinking process results (Goldratt Institute): • 41 percent reduction in cycle time = $7 million savings in capitalization • New Product Introduction cycle times reduced 50 percent • 21 percent increase in Net Sales Dollars • Tripled development capacity with no staffing increases • 80 percent increase in Operating Profit • New job startup in 60 percent less time • 100 percent on-time delivery • 40 percent growth in revenues • $5.5 million dollars growth in revenue per year • First to market five weeks ahead of schedule eliminates competitors’ entry of new products • 300 percent increase in net profit • Annual inventory turns up from four to twelve • Gross Margin increase from 29 to 41 percent • Pre-tax profit improvement in excess of 3,500 percent


Powerful Solutions Start with the Right Answers…


Management Consulting – Responsible for executive-level assessment of the clients issues, needs and business/ financial objectives using innovative, custom developed, Non-Linear System Dynamics methodology and converting them to multiple strategic and tactical solutions that can be implemented holistically to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency. Focus areas include: Increasing cash velocity from working capital, Monetizing non-core assets, Lowering breakeven point by outsourcing, Implementing internal best practices, Reengineering for cost superiority, Rethinking customers served, Aligning customers, products and services to changing needs. Agility, Managing though Uncertainty, The Delta Model, Six Sigma, Enterprise Performance Management, Global Business Dynamics, Strategic Management, Change Management (Theory of Constraints), Consumer Confident Index, Fixed assets, Inventory, Receivables, Payables, Predictive modeling, Multifunctional sales/operations planning process, Forecast accuracy, Marketing and Campaign Management, Product Portfolio Management. Data® Information® Knowledge. Special skills in Project Recovery and International Marketing (Government and Private Sector – lots of contacts). CEO Cockpit to enhance the agility.


Systems Architect & Project Management– Design Systems architecture and training for Strategic Performance Management (SPM) that drives business success at senior management and operational levels by enabling analysis, measurement, and communication of critical information throughout the organization, leading to strategic alignment of corporate objectives, organizational resources and employee actions. Provide innovative Business Process architecture using Business Process Engineering, Strategic & Cultural Change Management and Cognitive bias. Provide support for PMO, PMMP, EAI, and E-Business. System design using “Appropriate Response Model” (MG Taylor) for Anticipatory, Self-correcting and Sustainable System. SCOPELAND 2000, SAP- Strategic Enterprise Management, NET - Management Cockpit, PMO, PMMP, Datawarehouse, Kalido, SAP – BW, Infocubes, Peoplesoft – EPM, iBaan, Broadbase/KANA-EPM, Tibco/Vitria –EAI, Siebel-CRM, Balanced Scorecard, Activity based costing, KANA Marketing and Analytics, Enterprise Metrics, CRM, SEI-CMM, Complexity Management, Datamining, Expert Systems, Knowledge Applications, Call Center Outsourcing, Informatica Powercenter & Analytics, Trillium Controlcenter, Microstrategy Analytics, Informix, dB2, Oracle, Web and wireless analytics delivery.

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